Hope Mwesigye

Hope Mwesigye Hope was born on 28/12/56, in Kabale District and went to various primary Schools in the same District as well as Kanungu District.

She then went for O’Levels at Kigezi High School and then to Trinity College Nnabingo for A’Levels.She was admitted at Makerere University Kampala, in 1975 ,where she graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree(Hons) and then a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at the Law Development Center in Kampala ,Uganda.

She later went back for a Master of Arts in Gender and Women Studies, majoring in Human and Women’s Rights and Management. She started working at Ministry of Justice as a State Attorney in Civil Litigation, then a Senior State Attorney.

She is a Co-Founder of Uganda Women Lawyers Association(FIDA-UGANDA),BECAME A DELEGATE OF THE Constituent Assembly in 1994/95,founder of Uganda Gender Resource Center ,an NGO and has worked with many NGO’s, including International Women’s Watch(IWRAW),MWELEKO WA NGO(MWENGO),Kabale Networking Organization(KABNETO),Director of Africa Relief and Development Consultancy Association(ALFREDA),a member of the Executive Committee of NURRU(Network Of Researchers and Research Users) and many other NGO’s. She has attended very many international Seminars and has many publications and has received various awards. Details can be found in her detailed C.V.

Hope became an elected Member of Parliament for Kabale District. She then became a Chairperson of various committees in Parliament and then Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs. She then became the Minister of Agriculture, a position she held till May 2011.

She is now the main in EQUATOR LAW ADVOCATES, a Director of Agency for National Development as well as Uganda Gender Resource Center. She is extremely resourceful.

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